The Everyday Bike

My criteria for a commuting bike is simple.

1. Low Maintenance - as it is generally the bike you ride everyday.

2. Fun to ride - as it is generally the bike you ride everyday.

3. Not too fancy - you don't want something that is going to tempt the thieves.

I have been using the same bike for commuting to and from work for the last 15 years, so I thought it was high time for a change!

My current Cannondale F700 commuter

The classic Headshock suspension system.

My Cannondale F700 is still looking good and a great fun bike to commute on everyday. It has been though a number of incarnations from the original 8 speed grip shift mountain bike to it's current single speed with slicks variation.

Amazingly the original headshock suspension system is still going strong with almost zero maintenance over the last 15 years.

Late one night while nursing my daughter with an ear ache I was browsing and could not pass up a 2013 Kona Unit on sale.

After some modifications it is now ready to take over the reigns as my day to day commuter.

The naked paintwork of the Kona Unit is very low key and designed to not attract too much attention.

Singlespeed simplicity is perfect for the daily commute. I converted the original 32x18 gearing to a 32x14 as my commute is generally flat.

Flat pedals and toe straps provides options for footwear.

Some recycled Racing Ralph tyres provide a faster tread pattern than the original Maxxis Ikons.

The rear back guard is the only thing retained from the F700. A must for keep your back dry during the wet winter months.

Some other future improvements include some tubeless rims as the stock hoops are just way too heavy.