Fat Biking The Tasmanian Trail

I just got back from a week Fat Biking the Tasmanian Trail. Here is a selection of photos. I didn't take a dedicated camera so these shots are from my Galaxy Note 4.

Waiting to board the overnight ferry from Melbourne to Devonport

The Tasmanian Trail

Surly Pugsley loaded up with Revelate handlebar and aeatbags and a Bike Bag Dude custom framebag.

Access to some nice trails

Trail markers not always this easy to spot.

Entering the Cluan Tiers

In the Gog Ranges. Not sure how this car got up here.

Caves Track leading up to the Central Plateau

The lakes on the Central Plateau

Cycling the Central Plateau

Camping by Bronte Lagoon - Bronte Park

Gravel Grinding to the town of Ouse.

River crossing on the way to Ellendale.

Heading up Jeffereys Track and over the Wellington Range.

Wheres the pot of gold. The seaside town of Dover and the finish.

Done ~500kms 6 days