Day One - Monday 27th October 2014

Kathmandu - Nuwakot

Distance - 63 kms

Moving Avg - 9kms/hr

Moving Time - 7hrs 3mins

Stopped Time - 1hr 11mins

Total Ascent - 1326 metres

Total Descent - 1605 metres

The route I followed is the first stage of the Yak Attack race, although they start 10kms out of Kathmandu where I cycled from my guesthouse. It’s an awesome route that takes you through the Shivapura National Park and to the historical town of Nuwakot. The traffic exiting Kathmandu was not too busy and after the first 10 kilometres I entered the National Park which follows a dirt trail and eventually turns into overgrown single track. The entry fee to the National Park was 1500 rupees for 1 person and bike. I only saw two other people at the very start of the park and based on the log book which I had to sign on entry it is not heavily visited. The entrance to Shivapura National Park is guarded by the Nepalese Army for some reason. They were friendly and inquired about what I was doing more out of interest than concern. Once out of Shivapura I started to descend via a rocky trail and without front suspension this was a challenge and tiresome. I passed through plenty of small villages and people going about their business. The final climb up to Nuwakot was challenging as I was fairly tired by this stage. I spent the night in a guesthouse and eat in the owners restaurant.

Heading out of Kathmandu. Everest Bank! Gotta love the name. 7:22am 14 degrees C.

About 10 kilometres out of Kathmandu heading for the entrance into Shivapura National Park.

A view back into the Kathmandu valley from Shivapura National Park

A bit of single track through Shivapura National Park

Video of Shivapura National Park.

One of the many suspension bridges to come.

Day Two - Tuesday 28th October 2015

Nuwakot - Bidar - Baireni - Mugling - Dumre

Distance -118 kms

Moving Avg - 19.5kms/hr

Moving Time - 6hrs 1mins

Stopped Time - 51mins

Nawakot - Bidur - Baireni - Mugling - Dumre

Nice ride today. I joined back onto the main highway now that I was clear of Kathmandu. Traffic wasn't too bad and the kilometres passed easily. There was a major demonstration in one of the towns stopping all traffic from preceding. Luckily being on a bike I just zipped through without a problem steering clear of the riot police. Nothing to interesting in the towns that I passed through. They are really just truck and tourist stops, but good for picking up a few Somosas to eat ad a Chai. I spent the night in Dumre which is the starting point for many people planning on trekking the Annapurna Circuit. Most trekkers take a jeep from here up the keep road to start there trek. The bike gives me the flexibility to avoid all this!

View from the highway to Dumre

Roadside lunch stop. Rice and Dahl of course.

Kitchen with a view!

Day Three - Wednesday 29th October 2015

Dumre - Besisahar - Khudi - Bhulbhule

Distance - 53.18 kms

Moving Avg - 13 kms/hr

Moving Time - 4hrs 4mins

Stopped Time - 31 mins

Total Ascent - 963 metres

Total Descent - 587 metres

Early morning ride from Dumre to Besisahar (the unofficial start of the Annapurna Circuit)

Nice and quiet road on the approach with some small villages